Perhaps the World's Best Scottish Tea


Scottish Blend is specially blended for Scottish water. But, no matter where you live, you will get a great cup of Scottish Tea.


Scottish Blend tea bags come in the distinctive pyramid shape. The pyramid shape allows tea leaves to move around which brews a better cup of tea.


The only ingredients in a box of Scottish Blend is tea leaves.  You get 100% tea leaves and nothing else.

Scottish Blend

Scottish Blend Tea is specially blended to give you the fresh, clear taste you love. Made from some of the best teas available, it is a tea you will enjoy over, and over. Plus, Scottish Blend is fully Rainforest Alliance certified.

How to Make Great Tasting Scottish Blend


Start with boiling water. Make sure the water has come to a rolling boil.


Place tea bag in your mug or tea pot and pour in the boiling water.  Let steep for 3 to 5 minutes.


If you are so obliged, add milk and the sweetener of your choice. Make sure to add the milk last so the tea can brew at the correct temperature.

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