Scottish Blend Tea

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Specially Blended

Specially blended for Scottish water.


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Singing Kettle Commercial

Known as the “Singing Kettle” commercial, this television advertisement uses a universally-known Robert Burns commercial as it theme.


The Problems

If you look closely at this commercial, you can see an older version of the Scottish Blend box and the square-shape tea bags, which were used before the pyramid-shape was introduced.


Mother in Law

When Scottish Blend moved from a traditional to a pyramid-shaped tea bag, it was a big deal. This “mother-in-law” commercial brought home the point.


Universal Feelings

Scottish Blend is enjoyed all across the world.  This commercials plays on a feeling everyone has experienced at one time or another.


Scottish Blend Tea

Scottish Blend Tea is specially blended to give you the fresh, clear taste you love.  Made from some of the best teas available, it is a tea you will enjoy over, and over. Plus, Scottish Blend is fully Rainforest Alliance certified.


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